Why Partner With Us?

AudioEye’s Partner Network supports agencies of all sizes and industries to provide long-term accessibility solutions for their clients. We empower our partners to cultivate a culture of digital accessibility to meet critical business requirements, as well as create opportunities to qualify for partner-specific financial benefits.

The AudioEye Approach

As a member of the AudioEye Partner Network, you have access to tools and resources designed to help you in making your client's digital properties accessible.


Solve Problems for Your Customers

AudioEye’s Partner Network supports agencies of all sizes and industries to provide long-term accessibility solutions for their clients.

Tailored business rewards

Multiple ways to partner.  Receive discounts for reselling, earn commissions for referring, or both. 

flexible and scalable partnerships

We empower our partners to cultivate a culture of digital accessibility to meet critical business requirements with opportunities to qualify for tailored solutions for your customers.

support from AudioEye's Team of experts

Digital accessibility is a complex journey. The AudioEye Partner Network provides a myriad of resources so you can help make your clients' digital properties accessible.


Achieve ADA compliance without changing site design or functionality.


AudioEye Partner Network Benefits


Partner Management

All partners will enjoy the support of a dedicated partner manager who will assist with onboarding, growth planning, certification, and more.

 Sales & Marketing

We have created numerous resources to educate, answer questions, and help you fully support your clients in making their websites accessible.

Training Resources

Digital accessibility can be a complex journey. We provide training resources to help partners better understand the nuances of digital accessibility.

Business Incentives

The AudioEye Partner Network offers multiple financial benefits in the form of discounts, commissions, and wholesale pricing.

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